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REG. NO 28/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS.

A Registered Non Profit, Charity, Non Governmental/Civil Society Organization in Cameroon


Welcome To COHESODEC - Cameroon

Brief History Of the Organization

COHESODEC is a community based Organisation founded in 2013 with head office in Bamenda. The organisation works in virtually all health and socially related domains with the aim of eradicating all terminal diseases and ameliorating the social well-being of the population in all communities across Cameroon. However, as at now its major activities are still largely limited in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, with the hope of extending to other regions subsequently.

The Organisation has a Management Board made up of twelve (12) Board Members and decisions are taken in the board based on a 2/3 majority vote.

COHESODEC operates on two major thematic areas which include; Health Development and Social Protection of the entire population. Within the domain of Health Development, the organisation is involved in the major fight against all terminal diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Herpatitis B, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Cancer etc. In the Social Protection domain, the organisation is involved in the fight against human right s violations among the entire Population and most especially among orphans and vulnerable children.

The organisation offers community based development services such as psycho-social support to the vulnerable children and the elderly population above 60 years of age. Moreover, most of the interventions of the  organisation are focused on community mobilization, education, Sensitization, monitoring, data collection, research and publications, advocacy, facilitation, training, communication for behavior change, community dispensation of ARV medications to infected persons, psycho-social support, networking with other stakeholders and effective implementation of programs and projects.

COHESODEC with its wide experiences stands out as an organization that has transformed and continues to transform the lives of the entire population in several communities. This has been largely due to our numerous national and international partnerships and our commitment of service to humanity.

COHESODEC has come a long way and still intends to leave significant impact and positive change in the society. The organization has over the years built broad collaboration and partnerships and is presently enhancing its visibility which it is proud to share. COHESODEC has in collaboration with law makers built trust and confidence in the civil society in Cameroon as a whole and as a credible and trusted partner in development.

The Organization upon creation was registered with the approval registration Number: 28/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS .
COHESODEC with its wide experiences stands out as an organization that has transformed and continues to transform the lives of the entire population in several communities. This has been largely due to our numerous national and international partnerships and our commitment of service to humanity.
COHESODEC has come a long way and still intends to leave significant impact and positive change in the society. The organization has over the years built broad collaboration and partnerships and is presently enhancing its visibility which it is proud to share. COHESODEC has in collaboration with law makers built trust and confidence in the civil society in Cameroon as a whole and as a credible and trusted partner in development.

Who We Are

COHESODEC is a Health and Social Development -apolitical, non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization headquartered in Bamenda—North West Region of Cameroon. Since 2008,our organization has closely worked with vulnerable communities before being legalized in 2013.COHESODEC’s community development specialists, researchers, educators, laboratory technicians, project managers and community facilitators/animators have empowered members of several communities to improve on their health and social wellbeing through health and livelihood initiatives, mobilization, education and evaluation services. So far COHESODEC has been awarded several funding to undertake many interventions in target communities to ameliorate on the health and social wellbeing of the entire population.

Where We Work

We work in all rural and urban communities across Cameroon.

Our dedicated staff work in the 10 regions of Cameroon, 58 divisions, 360 sub-divisions and over 2000 districts (communities) from major cities to remote and often dangerous locations as well as inaccessible communities. Just about 10% of our staff is based at our headquarters and branch offices in different towns and cities across Cameroon. Over 90% of support staff and community volunteers are based in the field, assisting the most vulnerable target Communities. Together, as a team, we work hard to help vulnerable Communities infected or affected by whatever health and social problems/challenges.


Mobilization, education, training, Monitoring, evaluation, strengthening capacities to foster partnership and network with private, public, local, national and international organizations as well as building sustainable solutions in all of our interventions.

The following are specific intervention strategies of the organisation in the field;

  • Campaigning, Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Capacity Building Workshops and Seminars
  • Monitoring, Support and Encouragement
  • Promote and employ Information exchange strategies.
  • Education and sensitization
  • Research and publication
  • Press conferences with all stakeholders in all Social and Health domains
  • Communication and facilitation
  • Active participation in all health and social programs and field implementation
  • Training and Networking
  • Question and dialogue with all stakeholders including the government

Who We Help

Our primary purpose at COHESODEC Cameroon is to help/assist/support various segments of society and people; infected/affected by terminal diseases/infections, pandemics, epidemics, neglected tropical diseases, pregnant women and new born babies, malnourished people especially children, Orphans and Vulnerable Children-(OVC’s), women, youths, girls, the elderly, the poor, people affected by disasters/catastrophes, street children, marginalized/discriminated segments of the population, local rural farmers, local livestock producers, rural communities affected by the impending effects of climate change, natural disasters’ and migrants/refugees/displaced persons who have been forced to flee everywhere in Cameroon and rural underprivileged people in cutoff/inaccessible communities, local people affected by poor harvest, locust infestation of crops, blight and Cameroonian electorate.  

COHESODEC Cameroon is a non-profit making organization designed to help vulnerable people from all parts of Cameroon. Some of our areas of interest in promoting Health and Social Development include the following;

  • Promote social entrepreneurship in rural and urban communities
  • Philanthropy intervention to all the hopeless
  • Disaster response in times of need
  • Poverty alleviation in target communities
  • Advocacy in favour of the oppressed and downtrodden
  • Job creation to all the jobless and underprivileged
  • Promote Best Practices in all health and social facets of society
  • Promote Sustainable Development in all vulnerable communities
  • Lobby with national, international and multinational corporations to play their role of Corporate Social Responsibility to enable us facilitate the process of ameliorating the deplorable living conditions of the poor, less privileged and vulnerable communities across Cameroon.
  • Promote Gifts-in-kind, Services-in-kind, Humanitarian Aid and Corporate Volunteering in relegated and enclave, improvised and needy communities across Cameroon.

COHESODEC Cameroon has set out common standards of equality, transparency, complementarity and a results-oriented approach among all humanitarian stakeholders. We integrated the Principles of Partnership into our ‘Framework for effective mobilization of resources with national and multinational partners as well as local community partners in implementing programs and projects through an institutional approach to collaborative partnerships for effective local and national response.

Together with our Partners and Communities, we work to ensure the health and social wellbeing of infected and affected Cameroonians. We also strive to secure lasting solutions to health and social problems/challenges in communities.

Cohesodec board meeting

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve on the health and social living standards of Cameroonians and to eradicate all terminal diseases, pandemics and epidemics that continue to pose a danger to our population.

Our Vision

Our vision is to put in place a health and social structure to educate, sensitize support, assist , monitor, ameliorate, encourage, prevent malnutrition, transmissible and non transmissible diseases, 

Some COHESODEC Activities in the field (Communities)

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Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Community dispensation of ARV treatments to vulnerable communities infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Fight Against Tuberculosis

Community Education and sensitization campaigns on the prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis in several vulnerable communities.

Fight Against Maternal and Neonatal Mortality

Fight Against the high mortality rate among women and their new born babies through education, sensitization, monitoring and follow up, seminars and workshops as well as provisions of basic facilities to health centers and hospitals in vulnerable communities

Promote and Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Community Identification, mobilization, Education, Sensitization, monitoring, follow up, evaluation and provision of basic social amenities to target under privileged and vulnerable communities.

Promotion and Empowerment of Youths

The Organisation Identifies, Mobilizes, Trains and supports youths in income generating activities so as to enable them gainfully employed given the high rate of unemployment in Cameroon. Ensure youth participation in decision making making processes and carrier orientation

Mobilization and Support of Refugees and internally displaced persons

COHESODEC identifies, mobilizes and supports refugees and internally displaced persons across Cameroon. The Organisation works in collaboration and partnership with other UN implementing agencies, the government and other civil society organizations to provide relieve assistance to these displaced persons who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of civil unrest, civil wars, natural disasters and catastrophes etc

Promotion Of Good Governance In Cameroon

COHESODEC is putting in all to ensure that good governance and development strives in Cameroon. The Organisation assist the government and other local councils in the country to design and properly manage national development plans,land gorvenance and political empowerment projects ,programs and resources for the well-being and betterment of all.

Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

COHESODEC works in collaboration with other international stakeholders, Cameroon's National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms as well as other civil society Organisations to ensure that Human rights and freedoms of persons are adequately respected. The Organisation ensures that international and African conventions on the promotion and protection of human rights is properly respected

Promotion of Agiculture and Food Security

COHESODEC works with local communities involved in agriculture and food production so as to promote locally adapted initiatives to significantly increase food production, transformation into semi-finished and finished products and marketing nationally and internationally. This is done through sensitization, education, training and monitoring for better results and high productivity.

Promotion of Democracy and Elections Monitoring in Cameroon

COHESODEC is largely involved in the sensitization, Mobilization and education of electoral stakeholders and the electorates in a bit to uphold democracy and ensure social peace for the country. The Organisation also works in collaboration with other international stakeholders in reporting the facts on the ground before during and after elections in the country

Fight Against Malaria

Community education,sensitization,distribution, monitoring and follow up of the distribution process of treated mosquito nets to target vulnerable communities

Fight Against Malnutrtion

Promotion of nutrition intake through Community education and sensitization campaigns on the fight against malnutrition, cholera outbreak and other contagious diseases/epidemics

Prevention Of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Community mobilization, Education, sensitization, monitoring and follow up of vulnerable communities through community and interface meetings to stamp out these neglected diseases from pur communities

Promotion Of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

We do Community Mobilization, Education, sensitization, monitoring and follow up of the girl child and women in general through educative radio programs, Seminars and workshops. Active involvement every year in the "16 days of activism against gender based violence campaign."

Promotion and Support for the Elderly population

COHESODEC-CAMEROON identifies and supports the elderly population above 60 years of age who are mostly retired, old and dependent to ensure their social well being in terms of provision of basic social amenities for their upkeep

Promotion and Support of the Marginalized Segment of the Population

COHESODEC works in several communities across cameroon where we identify, educate, sensitize, train and support the indiginous marginalized segment of the population such as the Mboros, the Hausas, the Tupuris,the Baka Pygmies, widows,disabled persons and HIV infected persons.

Fight against Corruption and promotion of Transparency in Cameroon

COHESODEC in collaboration with other national and international stake holders have waged a war against corruption and relentlessly doing all to stamp out these practices which constitute a major impediment to development and often accounts for instability in the country

Promotion of Professional Ethics

COHESODEC identifies both private and public institutions rendering services to Cameroonians and ensures that these institutions are properly educated trained and sensitized on modern professional ethics. We work in collaboration with other stakeholders to design and implement workplace policies to ensure proper reception of these services regarding the population

Fight against Climate Change and the Promotion of Environmental protection

COHESODEC carries out a series of community based activities with regards to reafforestation and education of the entire population against bad practices that results to climate change in the country. These activities which include tree planting, Sensitization, training in vulnerable communities where there is high risk of desertification thereby ensuring environmental protection

Promotion of Livestock Production in Cameroon

COHESODEC identifies livestock farmers involved in cattle rearing, pig production, poultry production etc and trains them on effective and modern breeding methods for better productivity and sustainability so as to ensure the availability of livestock products in the markets all year round for public consumption

Our Team

chenwi elvis

Mr. Chenwi Elvis Fuh (Board Chairman/National Coordinator)

He is a Management Consultant by profession. Holder of BSc in Management and a Masters Degree in MISP in Reproductive Health - New York.

Mrs Mbong Mary Wallang (Secretary General)

She is a public contractor with the Cameroon Government, Cameroon Development Corporation CDC and Cameroon Electricity Supply Company. Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Political Science.

Mr. Keneth Itenjo Seino (Auditor in Chief)

He is the Regional Coordinator of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC) and CEO of Integrated Education and Placement Services (IEPS). BA in Geography, Environmental Management and Communication.

Barrister Suh Fuh Benjamin (Legal Adviser)

He is a Senior Lawyer by profession. Holder of a LLB Hons. in Lagos and LLB Licence in the University of Yaounde 1

Mr Neba Louis Atahsi (Financial Secretary)

He is Banker by profession(General Manager of Bafut Coorperative Credit Union). He holds in Bsc in Accounting

Hungweh Quesieh(Treasurer)

She is a Banker by Profession with the United Bank for Africa (UBA). Holder of a Bsc Accountancy.

Mr Ezikiel Nji Chi (Public Relations oficer)

He is the Unit Manager of Beneficial Life Insurance Bamenda and Municipal Councillor in Bamenda. He is a holder of a Bsc in Geography and a Diploma in Insurance Management.

Mrs Atanga Beatrice Manka'a (Internal Controller)

She is a lecturer at the Government Higher Teachers Training College Mbengwi. A holder of a BA in Geography option Environmental Management.

Mr Ako Jonas Orock (Events/Conference Officer)

Lecturer at the Government Teachers Training College Bamenda. Holder of a Bsc in Psychology and a profeesional MA in Science of Education (SCED)

Alphonsus John Ndoh Nsoh (Chief of Programs)

He is a lecturer at the Higher Technical Teachers Training College Bamenda. He holds a Masters Degree in International Relations

Mr Alambi Gabriel (Administrator)

Holder of a Degree in Public Administration. An Administrator by profession

Mr Asa Jacob (Project Manager)

He is a lecturer at the Government Technical Teachers Training College Bamenda. He holds a BA in Education

Mrs. Emmaculate Ngum-(Accountant)

Holder of a Degree in Accountancy She is a chartered Accountant by Profession

Mrs Shu Relindis Lumnwi (Communications Officer)

She is a Human Resource Manager by profession. She holds a manasters degree in human resource management

Tanteh Sheila Ngum (Office Secreatary)

She is a Secretary by profession and a holder of the GCE Advanced Level.

Detailed functions of all the various Management Board members can be seen within the constitution of the organisation. It should however be noted that our entire working staff Include: community health workers, Social workers, Community volunteers, external consultants, local authorities and partners also constitute part of Our Working Team.

Our Partners


Community Welfare, Our Priority

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