Identification and Registration of Internally Displaced Persons (Refugees) In Anglophone Cameroon


The entire population is hereby informed that following the socio-political crisis in the North-West and South West regions which is currently affecting the social wellbeing of several people most especially in badly affected areas which has rendered most of the population internally displaced and vulnerable especially women, children and the elderly with some migrating from worse affected areas and have resorted to living with friends, relatives and even in bushes that a Humanitarian/Human Rights Non Governmental Organisation i.e “Community Health and Social Development for Cameroon”-(COHESODEC) is currently carrying out a sample survey to ascertain and ensure the identification, registration and needs assessment of the internally displaced persons most of whom now live in deplorable conditions in bushes and some constituting a burden to friends and relatives in overcrowded homes that in view of subsequent action in this regard, they are called upon to either come personally at the office situated on the top floor of Vatican Shopping Supper Market building City Chemist Round About Bamenda beside Amity Chambers to be effectively registered and their needs assessed or displaced victims could as well call the following telephone numbers to ensure they are effectively counted in the ongoing survey; (+237)651 236 723 / (+237)694 718 345


Please, before coming or calling to be registered in the ongoing sample survey exercise, take note the following information will be required from these vulnerable displaced persons;

  • Names of the displaced persons,
  • Age and sex of displaced persons,
  • Area/village/locality displaced from,
  • Current refuge locality and names of relatives and friends hosting the displaced persons,
  • Number of children displaced in victims household,
  • Number of women displaced in victims household,
  • Number of men displaced in victims household,
  • Number of deaths recorded as a result of the crisis in the victim’s family,
  • Was the victim’s house(s) burnt?
  • Was the victim or anyone in the victim’s house raped? If yes by who?

Needs Assessment

  • What support needs will the victim require? (List all)
  • How is the victim currently surviving?
  • Does the victim have any eye witness report/testimonies of human rights violations following the crisis?


Your Frank and Honest Responds to the above mentioned information and questions will be highly appreciated. (Thanks for your Cooperation)

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