HIV prevention and treatment in relation to the Universal Health Coverage in Cameroon

Getting life-saving psychosocial and treatment to people infected by HIV in Cameroon is the aim of an ongoing ARV dispensation campaign currently taking place in Cameroon in it’s pilot face. This program saw a team of Civil Society Organizations working in the health domain in Cameroon, selected to implement this proximity dispensation program alongside COHESODEC in some most affected health districts under the coordination of Cameroon’s National AIDS Control Committee. We are proactively engaging in communities with our partners (the Global Fund) in addressing programmatic implications aimed at eradicating HIV/AIDS. In order to implement the National Health Sector Strategies on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections which calls for: “effective and ethical treatment for people suffering from the epidemic? It includes harm reduction services to prevent HIV, viral hepatitis and TB, and to prevent other health and social consequences of drug use.”

There is need to put in place a national  pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) coalition in Cameroon to facilitate national dialogue and foster collaboration between stakeholders on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as part of HIV combination prevention. This should aim to ensure strategic and coordinated efforts in PrEP implementation across communities, health districts, regions and the entire country as a whole.

COHESODEC has often brought together civil society leaders from a range of communicable disease areas, including HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections. This is because we strongly believe “Together we have a historic opportunity to transform the national public health response. We look forward to working jointly with more external multilateral and bilateral partners to shape the country we aspire to live in.”

HIV “Treat all- Towards a Universal Health Coverage to end AIDS because (Everyone counts)”

The national health sector strategy on HIV, outlines what communities need to do and what all stakeholders will do to achieve the ambitious target of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Humanitarian Health Action

COHESODEC supports Cameroon health facilities rehabilitation: presently over 1 million people receive better access to care

Rehabilitation of health centers and hospitals       

COHESODEC seeks financial and material support from partners and donors across the world to help rehabilitate as well as construct new health centers and hospitals in Cameroon in abide to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030.  In Cameroon’s North-western regions, access to health facilities like health centers, clinics and hospitals is not something people take for granted. In a region roughly the size of Spain, over 9 million people share just 412 primary health care facilities. On average, one facility must serve over 22,000 people. Especially in rural areas, north-westerners often have to travel long distances to reach the facilities.


Emergency and Disaster risk management for health towards a simple robust system to detect disease outbreak and reduce risk

Disease surveillance, alert and response system in emergencies is still very much lacking in Cameroon coupled with the absence of health resources for monitoring the system. An approach for monitoring health facilities, services and resources availability in emergencies needs to be put in place in Cameroon in order for the country to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030.

Partnerships in emergencies

COHESODEC seeks to work in partnership with other partners and stakeholders during health emergencies. This is because the organization operates in more than 2000 communities across Cameroon, dealing with humanitarian health emergencies of all kinds ranging from disease outbreaks to conflicts to natural disasters, immunization Campaigns e.t.c . It is therefore imperative for COHESODEC to rely on partners through networks for better results and impact in society. This explains why we are soliciting partnerships with partners and donor across the globe to help improve the plight of all Cameroonians.

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