Community Intervention Specificity

COHESODEC Cameroon works to promote, protect and assist underprivileged people, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Women, Youths, the Elderly, Marginalized Segments of the population, rural communities’ as well as migrants/refugees everywhere in Cameroon. It is therefore our fervent appeal to all donors around the world to assist us raise funds so we can together help underprivileged and neglected communities constituting a huge segment in Cameroon.

We strongly believe through our community based interventions, we can save millions of lives, significantly improve on the quality of livelihoods, protect the vulnerable through education, advocacy, provision of varied community target solutions, provision of shelter, provision of adequate educational and health infrastructure/equipments, provision of toilet facilities in local/rural schools and health centers, safeguarding rural individuals through healthcare and income generating activities. Such highly required donations will equally go a long way to fight against the visible effects of climate change, ensure environmental protection, and ensure disaster/catastrophe management and provision of innovative initiatives such as provision of computers to underprivileged rural community schools.

COHESODEC Cameroon being an organization that strives to ensure that everyone has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another community within Cameroon with the option to eventually return home, integrate or resettle is doing all to mediate between vulnerable communities misunderstandings which could lead to inter-tribal wars. This is being done through education,  sensitization, mobilization,  training,  monitoring, material support, psychosocial support,  information  exchange  strategies,  ensuring mass outdoor  campaigns,  lobbying, advocacy, press  conferences with  press  men  and women,  inclusion of  the  general  population  and  all  stakeholders  in  all  health  and  social  domains interventions across  the  Cameroon.

We work to protect the most vulnerable and our help transforms broken lives during times of displacement; we provide critical emergency assistance in the form of clean water, sanitation, healthcare, blankets, household goods, shelter and sometime food. We also do arrange transport and assistance packages for people who return home after major civil unrest, persecutions and war situations as well as help provide financial means to enable them set up micro-income generating projects within their local communities as they resettle.

Our organization actively participates in all major health and social programs such as vaccination campaigns against major epidemics and pandemics across Cameroon. With regards to field implementation of programs and projects and networking with all concerned stakeholders through several phases often underpinned by an ambitious strategy to ensure the advancement of good management strategies with blueprint for a resource allocation strategy and development funding assistance strategy to the organization.

Above all, COHESODEC Cameroon is an organization which strives to ensure that all people forced to flee have access to life-saving healthcare. We also work hard to help millions of people all over Cameroon rebuild broken lives. Our advocacy strategy helps to transform policies and services that affect underprivileged people, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Women, Youths, the Elderly, Marginalized Segments of the population, rural communities’ and migrants/refugees/displaced people everywhere in Cameroon as well as ensure a blueprint for planning and action during times of crisis.

Child Protection and Inclusion

COHESODEC works in all communities throughout the national territory of Cameroon to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential. We never give up in helping/assisting children in whatever ways possible we can.

Child safety through protection and inclusion

COHESODEC works to improve the policies and services that protect all children in Cameroon. We aim to make Cameroon a safe and inclusive place for children to grow. We promote child protection and inclusion initiatives in all communities across Cameroon.

Child survival

Helping children to survive and thrive

Child mortality has decreased nationally thanks to COHESODEC, stakeholders and Development Partners. COHESODEC works to make sure solutions reach all children, everywhere in Cameroon. We promote child survival initiatives in all Communities across Cameroon.


Education is the key to opportunities

COHESODEC believes that quality education is a right for all children in Cameroon amidst poverty, conflict and crisis. We significantly promote education initiatives across Cameroon at all levels.

COHESODEC in Emergencies

Responding to emergencies

Wherever there is a crisis in Cameroon, COHESODEC strives to reach children and families in the hardest hit regions/communities with lifesaving resources. We coordinate emergency initiatives alongside other stakeholders and development partners in Cameroon.


Creating change for women and girls in Cameroon

COHESODEC fights for the equal rights of women and girls, with their full participation in political, social and economic development In Cameroon. We significantly promote gender initiatives including women and girls in Cameroon.

Innovation for children

Creating an enabling environment that children deserve in Cameroon

COHESODEC believes that the complex challenges children face can be met with innovative, creative solutions backed by rigorous research in child protection. We significantly promote innovation initiatives among children Cameroon.

Supply and logistics

Supplying solutions in the field

COHESODEC works tirelessly with it’s development partners to provide and transport critical medicines, aid and supplies to the Cameroon’s most needy children. We significantly promote supply and logistics initiatives to children in affected Communities in Cameroon.

Research and analysis

Data and field work driving action

COHESODEC’s national programs and initiatives are grounded in rigorous research and thoughtful analysis. This is because we know the key role data can play in creating a path forward for Cameroonian children. We significantly promote research and analysis initiatives in Cameroonian target Communities to ensure the wellbeing of all children.

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