Key Policy Issues

Documents on Contracting

COHESODEC while realizing the importance of reference contracting documents being tools which have only recently come into use in the field of health and enhances knowledge of the concepts, strategies and policies that underlie contracting are very much vital as they will foster effective use of such documents in  any contractual arrangements between development partners involved in the health sector. Whether one is an actor in the field or a policy-maker, contracting calls on concepts from the fields of law, economics, public health and administration which are very vital for project implementation in the health system. The purpose of this is also to serve as a  for partners and stakeholders wishing to partner with us in the quest for helping vulnerable Cameroon communities and not just to offer purely theoretical research; such vital documents also serves as a proposal to necessary conceptual elements for action by professionals.

Training and Materials

At first sight, it might seem simple to resort to contracting; for some, it’s just a matter of finding a standard contract and then adapting it to the situation. However, every analysis undertaken has shown that this is not the case. Successful experience has been experience whose protagonists have adopted a professional approach to building their contractual relations. In contrast, there is considerable experience which, despite its initial promise, has not yielded the expected results; the simple fact is that those responsible lack the necessary expertise.

The adoption of contracting requires skills that actors in the field do not always possess. In order to assist those who wish to adopt the contractual approach with every hope of success, Community Health and Social Development for Cameroon-(COHESODEC) and other consultancy institutions now offer training workshops and seminars in this regard.

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