Management Board

(Board of Trustees)

COHESODEC Cameroon is overseen by a board of highly qualified Trustees with varying professional backgrounds and competencies in administration, community development, conflict management and academia. COHESODEC’ Board of Trustees (BoTs) consists of community leaders, women leaders, university academia, religious leaders, environment specialists, experienced agronomists, agro-economists, livestock technicians, rural engineers, natural resource management experts who work together to foster positive sustainable development, development experts, economic and health professionals and representatives of COHESODEC target beneficiaries drawn from the 10 regions of Cameroon. The Board of Trustees oversees the organization’s work and its ultimate corporate authority. The Board is responsible for the oversight of COHESODEC Cameroon. It adopts and also proposes rules, regulations, and policies governing the organization. 

The Management Board has authority over the use of property, development of facilities, fiscal and human resources management. The Board of Trustees meets twice a year. Board meetings allow for communication among the Trustees, Management Team, volunteers, projects staff, etc. At COHESODEC, our team is our greatest asset. Without their unique skills and experiences, our mission is unattainable. We represent a diverse, multi disciplinary group of professionals who seek to create a better world in all communities across Cameroon. The Trustees’ work is captured in part in resolutions and vote. COHESODEC approaches development with much emphasis on participation, fostering meaningful partnerships which prepare its beneficiaries to gain autonomy and achieve sustainable development within their environment. The organization has established evidence of quality professional service delivery to the grassroots population, groups, and development organizations; supporting human development, environmental protection and every aspect regarding Health and Social Development.

Meet Our Team

chenwi elvis

Mr. Chenwi Elvis Fuh (Board Chairman/National Coordinator)

He is a Management Consultant by profession. Holder of BSc in Management and a Masters Degree in MISP in Reproductive Health - New York.

Mrs Mbong Mary Wallang (Secretary General)

She is a public contractor with the Cameroon Government, Cameroon Development Corporation CDC and Cameroon Electricity Supply Company. Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Political Science.

Mr. Keneth Itenjo Seino (Auditor in Chief)

He is the Regional Coordinator of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC) and CEO of Integrated Education and Placement Services (IEPS). BA in Geography, Environmental Management and Communication.

Barrister Suh Fuh Benjamin (Legal Adviser)

He is a Senior Lawyer by profession. Holder of a LLB Hons. in Lagos and LLB Licence in the University of Yaounde 1

Mr Neba Louis Atahsi (Financial Secretary)

He is Banker by profession(General Manager of Bafut Coorperative Credit Union). He holds in Bsc in Accounting

Hungweh Quesieh(Treasurer)

She is a Banker by Profession with the United Bank for Africa (UBA). Holder of a Bsc Accountancy.

Mr Ezikiel Nji Chi (Public Relations oficer)

He is the Unit Manager of Beneficial Life Insurance Bamenda and Municipal Councillor in Bamenda. He is a holder of a Bsc in Geography and a Diploma in Insurance Management.

Mrs Atanga Beatrice Manka'a (Internal Controller)

She is a lecturer at the Government Higher Teachers Training College Mbengwi. A holder of a BA in Geography option Environmental Management.

Mr Ako Jonas Orock (Events/Conference Officer)

Lecturer at the Government Teachers Training College Bamenda. Holder of a Bsc in Psychology and a profeesional MA in Science of Education (SCED)

Alphonsus John Ndoh Nsoh (Chief of Programs)

He is a lecturer at the Higher Technical Teachers Training College Bamenda. He holds a Masters Degree in International Relations

Mr Alambi Gabriel (Administrator)

Holder of a Degree in Public Administration. An Administrator by profession

Mr Asa Jacob (Project Manager)

He is a lecturer at the Government Technical Teachers Training College Bamenda. He holds a BA in Education

Mrs. Emmaculate Ngum-(Accountant)

Holder of a Degree in Accountancy She is a chartered Accountant by Profession

Mrs Shu Relindis Lumnwi (Communications Officer)

She is a Human Resource Manager by profession. She holds a manasters degree in human resource management

Tanteh Sheila Ngum (Office Secreatary)

She is a Secretary by profession and a holder of the GCE Advanced Level.

Detailed functions of all the various Management Board members can be seen within the constitution of the organisation. It should however be noted that our entire working staff, community health workers, Social workers, Community volunteers, external consultants, local authorities and partners also constitute part of Our Working Scheme.

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