Major Objectives/Goals

Our main objective is to improve the health, social and economic livelihoods of Cameroonian citizens through complementary actions/strategies of preventing diseases, mitigating the impact of both transmissible and non transmissible diseases prominent in tropical Africa and Pandemic/epidemics but also ensure the social wellbeing of the underprivileged segment of the population. In implementing these strategies, COHESODEC intends to use cross-cutting interventions through advocacy, provision of health and social Infrastructural needs not leaving out meaningful development, education, Income-generating activities, research and access to health care and social facilities.

  • To eradicate and prevent all terminal diseases, pandemics epidemics, tropical and non tropical diseases, transmissible and non transmissible diseases and manage foreseen and unforeseen catastrophes in our Cameroonian Communities.
  • Promote, support, ameliorate and encourage social care for orphans vulnerable children, youth, women, refugees, the disabled, the underprivileged, prisoners, pupils and students, street(destitute) children, the old(ageing population) and all areas in health and social domains that are marginalized or not properly handled in our communities. Organize capacity building seminars and workshops for all stakeholders in all health and social domains and fight for the respect of all human rights, professional ethics, ensure affordable health care to all, transparency, create an orphanage as well as ensure the respect of all social rights of all Cameroonians.
  • Encourage, support and promote nutrition-intake, balanced diets, clean water and sanitation, ensure food security and food self- sufficiency, so as to effectively fight against malnutrition, hunger, infant mortality and high death rate in our Cameroonian Society. Promote and improve on family welfare as well as fight against child trafficking in our communities.
  • To create jobs to thousands of Cameroonians through the initiation of income generating activities, so as to stamp-out unemployment, poverty and banditry from our Cameroonian Society. As well as institute social programs to avert the impending effects of climate change and global warming thereby enhancing social and environmental protection for sustainable development.
  • To advocate and monitor against all forms of social ills such as rape, abortion, torture, prostitution, corruption, embezzlement, vandalism, jungle justice, homosexuality, lesbianism etc which constitute a major problem in our society as well as Reward Best practices with Excellence in all health and social sectors of our country.
  • Encourage, sensitize and mobilize all Cameroonians especially in social gatherings to massively participate in all elections in Cameroon, observe it’s outcome for social peace and fight against the consumption of harmful drugs, use of weapons and finally to mobilize widows, social youth and women groups, social agricultural and livestock producers and support as well as advocate for their social rights and responsibilities in our Communities.

Core Strategic Objectives to Objectives

– Promote disease prevention, reduce morbidity and mortality through our interventions,
– Promote and defend the Rights and Freedom of disadvantaged and marginalized groups at the grassroots level,
– Empower the disadvantaged communities for poverty mitigation, with knowledge, skills and resources for sustainable and viable secured livelihood,
– Ensure greater involvement and visibility of the youths and rural woman in decision making,
– Advocate for a change in policies through research and evidence based practices,


Specific Objectives

Ensure that All Terminal Diseases, Pandemics, Epidemics, Non Tropical Disease, Tropical Diseases, Transmissible Diseases as Well as Catastrophes are Significantly Reduced from the Country;

Promote and Encourage Nutrition-Intake, Sanitation as Well as Significantly Reduce Maternal, Neonatal and Infant Mortality, Not Leaving Out The Prevention of All Neglected Tropical Diseases in Cameroon.

Promote, Support and Ameliorate the Social Wellbeing of Orphans, Vulnerable Children, the Underprivileged, Women, Youths, the Elderly, Marginalized segment of the population and Refugees in Cameroon.

Promote and Monitor Transparency, Health and Social Governance, Professional Ethics, Human Rights, All Social Ills in Our Country Cameroon as Well as Advocate Against Climate Change.

Promote All Aspects Of Social Development, Create Thousands Of Jobs Through Income Generating Activities, And Promote Agriculture, Food Security And Livestock Production In Cameroon.

Sensitize and Mobilize All Cameroonians to Massively Participate in All Elections in Cameroon, Observe the Process and Uphold Democracy to Ensure Social Peace for the Country.

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