Cohesodec board meetingWe are an organization committed to changing and stimulating changes within communities leading to the improvement of the quality of lives for all people. COHESODEC is an organization that upholds strong ethical values, transparency, accountability and fights against all forms of human rights violations in Cameroon.

COHESODEC is an innovative forward thinking organization that remains sensitive to the ever changing times. COHESODEC is a leading organization in the promotion of local community development issues, promoting reflections in communities and local actions on contemporary development issues across Cameroon.

COHESODEC has many significant and unique contributions to the development of Cameroon. Through our activities, we monitor and facilitate linkages between several communities across Cameroon in collaboration with Government authorities. Also, we do assessments in quality service delivery, lobbying, advocacy, as well as solicit for improvements in service quality.

Our team is hardworking, innovative, initiating, visionary, has strong knowledge of the global and political context within which development policies operate in Cameroon. The organization also has adequate experience in the implementation of programs and projects as well as collaboration with other civil society organizations, local councils and local authorities.

The organization also has adequate experience in advocacy, public communication for behavior change, administrative, technical, and financial and community mobilization abilities.

The organization is open minded and has strong capacity for informed decision making at critical moments with key capabilities in coordination of major programs and projects. Our management team has strong leadership skills and abilities to appropriately adapt in all millieurs and communities across Cameroon.

The organization’s management team also has strong negotiation abilities and can better lead and inspire team work among other civil society organizations with regards to implementing community based programs and projects. Over 85% of work done in COHESODEC is a result of a strong internal reflection and development strategy capacity.

COHESODEC serves as a major driving force for civil society work in the country, especially in the North-West Region of Cameroon.

Values And Principle

Credible: We have a well documented history of delivering our Health Social Development services with impartiality, integrity, and effectiveness.

Accountable: Our credibility is linked directly to our ability to take responsibility for our actions; we are committed to continually implementing programs and projects to ensure our accountability standards are of the highest quality.
Quality Services: Our quality health and social capacity to respond and deliver services in our areas of intervention, counseling, education, sensitization, monitoring, evaluation and advice, meet the specific needs of our beneficiaries and which adds value to their lives.
Capacity Building: We facilitate a health and social learning environment within communities for our beneficiaries and partners which serve as a major pillar of delivering quality services to all Cameroonians.
Competent: Our Management and staff members are our greatest asset and we seek the finest, most engaged development professionals to enhance our community activities.
The nature of Community development work requires a diverse approach and specific relevant skills set to address a wide number of health, social, economic, and environmental issues.
Collaborative: Collaboration is at the core of our approach to development; we recognize our ability to positively influence beneficiaries and partners through effective collaboration which is contingent on their active participation as part of the solution in their respective communities.
Proactive: We work in a dynamic sector with ever-changing trends; our ability to recognize needs actively and adapt flexibly has been a cornerstone for our long-term sustainability.
Innovative: Difficult problems in communities often require creative solutions; we are continually assessing how new and practical approaches can add value for our beneficiaries in the field.
Sustainable: We have a well documented capacity to succeed in the midst of turbulent economic, political, and social times; we are relentlessly seeking to build a more autonomous service delivery model which is sustainable in the long run to beneficiary communities.

Specific Values Of COHESODEC

Our values consist of identifying, anticipating and meeting up with the development needs of Cameroonians thereby significantly ameliorating the living conditions of the vulnerable and marginalized population of Cameroon as well as complementing and achieving the full potentials of the Organization. Below are some of our values briefly analyzed;

A Strong Mobilization Capacity;
By 2020, COHESODEC intends to have a strong mobilization capacity of all vulnerable Cameroonians, stakeholders and affiliates to work hand in glove to ensure the absolute realization of it’s vision which among others include a strong mobilization capacity which is vital for meaningful development within the health and social context of Cameroon thereby enabling/allowing for the significant improvement /amelioration in the living conditions of a greater segment of vulnerable/marginalized Cameroonians.

Visibility of Actions in the Field;
COHESODEC hopes to make its actions and activities visible in the field by 2020. The action of the organization expects to be much more visible in all it’s areas of intervention as well as create a great impact among Cameroonians in all social spheres and strata across the country. The actions of the organization expect to be made more visible through the involvement of all concerned citizens and stakeholders in the development process of the country. COHESODEC’s actions and activities in the field must not just be visible but impactful and significantly ensure the transformation of the lives of target vulnerable/marginalized Cameroonians across the country.

The organization seeks to promote strong moral principles among all Cameroonians citizens and it’s stakeholders/affiliates in a world dominated by dishonest people. By building a culture of personal and professional integrity among Cameroonians is a giant step towards accompanying the state of Cameroon in achieving it’s emergence vision by 2035. The culture of integrity which is lacking in most Cameroonians stems from the fact that not all public and private training institutions in Cameroon own moral instructors. COHESODEC therefore seeks to strongly advocate and ensure that the situation is reversed through massive education and sensitization campaigns using all media organs, seminars and workshop where strong advocacy will be made for policy change. Given that COHESODEC’s Management Board is made up of people of high moral integrity and social standing in society, this board is determined to build a Cameroonians society of people with high moral integrity.

By 2020, COHESODEC intends to promote transparency in all spheres of national life in Cameroon. Corruption and injustices which are almost becoming a way of life in the country must be significantly stamped out. COHESODEC hereby seeks to wage a relentless war against corruption through launching a mass anti-corruption campaign nation wide and to advocate strongly for the Cameroon anti-corruption commission to be empowered not just to be publishing the list of corrupt Cameroonians but to be given the absolute mandate to prosecute in collaboration with the judiciary and to punish all those found wanting in arts of corruption. COHESODEC Management Board members in drafting this document have hereby pledge their total commitment to teach by example. In this regard therefore, they have promised to judiciously manage the funds of the organizations in absolute transparency/fairness so as enable COHESODEC achieve it’s overall objectives as clearly stipulated in this five years strategic development document.
Equally, all COHESODEC Management Board members have renewed their commitment to present sequential reports with regards to the work done in their respective departments as per the constitution of the organization, to also fully respect the internal rules and regulations of the organization and to be accountable of all funds spent in carrying out the organization projects/activities. Accountability is therefore a watch word in COHESODEC, reason why all stakeholders, affiliates and members of staff working with the organization must strictly respect all agreements, memorandum of understanding etc as well as the internal rules and regulations respectively governing the organization.

COHESODEC seeks to work for durable and sustainable development by 2020. The organization shall institute and implement programs and projects that are impactful in all Cameroonian communities and society as a whole as well as ensure long lasting, remarkable and precious sustainable programs to Cameroonian communities. COHESODEC also seeks to institute and implement projects that are transformational, durable and will significantly ameliorate on the living conditions of a significant proportion of Cameroonians. Durability will therefore be assured in the quality of projects executed/implemented by COHESODEC in all target communities across the country.

COHESODEC intends to muster great courage to achieve it’s rather very demanding mission of promoting democracy and the fight against human rights violations and abuses. The accomplishment of the vision and it’s objectives equally requires great courage as there exist several threats and distractions in the realization of this rather demanding but fulfilling task. Valour being an indispensible virtue for advocacy and sustainable development must therefore be upheld to ensure the success of all envisaged projects vital for the health and social advancement of Cameroon. Valorisation will therefore constitute a tool for COHESODEC in it’s efforts to ameliorate the social wellbeing as well as enhance the development of Cameroon.

Good Management;
Enhancement of good management which is an indispensable backing for strategic development enables COHESODEC’S leadership to be dynamic, responsible, proactive, constantly anticipating cyclical and structural adjustments and putting in place at all levels of responsibility performances-oriented management principles which are attractive and ensures accountability. Good Management will equally enhance fruitful partnerships necessary for the accomplishment of the organizations visions and the diversification and development of new forms of partnerships vital for the development and advancement of Cameroon we believe will equally be very necessary for these development prospects. COHESODEC’s leadership led by it’s Management Board, must therefore put in place virtues of transparency, integrity, moral probity humility love and respect which are widely accepted qualities of good management which is and remains the most remedial aspect necessary for the successful and proper management of project funds as well as the prudent implementation of developmental projects of the organization. Good management in COHESODEC also allows for careful monitoring of human resources output and the evaluation of progress in project implementation. Equally, good management in COHESODEC entails the ability to foresee any foreseeable and unforeseeable risks and obstacles involved in the management of all projects implemented by the organizations through it’s visions or in collaboration with the organizations Management Board.

A Leader in Thematic Areas of Health and Social Development;
By 2020, COHESODEC intends to emerge as leader in all thematic areas of health and social development in the country. However, this can only be made possible through extreme hard work and substantial impact in all communities across the country.
With a decentralized administration in COHESODEC at the service of development, COHESODEC hope to become a leader in these thematic areas of health and social development by the end of this envisage period of i.e 2016-2020 as stipulate in this strategic development document. COHESODEC being a committed and forward looking organization is determined to play it’s significant role vital for the emergence of Cameroon by the year 2035.Implementing giant projects and respecting project guidelines will therefore allow for an effective leadership in these focused thematic areas which are quite diverse as can be seen in our general and specific objectives.

Adequate Participation;
The organization intends to ensure adequate participation in all events of national life with regards to the celebration/ commemoration of all national/U.N instituted days .COHESODEC shall be actively involved in such commemorations to create awareness and significant impact in all areas/aspects of society as scheduled by 2020.The COHESODEC Management Board shall where need be allocate resources and ensure the active participation of the entire population in such international days/commemorations. The organization will equally ensure adequate participation in national and international events where the role of Civil Society Organizations is highly solicited. COHESODEC likewise intends to ensure active participation in elections and animation of community life in target communities across the country. The organization shall from time to time organize events in various communities across the country and ensure the active participation of all the entire population as well as stakeholders and affiliates in programmed life transforming activities. The organization shall however actively participate in all facets of national life as concerns health and social development by 2020.

A Culture of Performance;
By 2020, the organization must be known and renounced for it’s great performance in all its programs and projects. As a matter of fact, strategies to be implemented by the organization shall record a high level of performance and thus significantly impact on the lives of the target population in various communities. Equally, Performance oriented management principles will be highly enhanced as well as transparency and publication of the organizations accounts. The organization will therefore ensure effective planning, programming, budgeting, controlling and effective realization of programs and projects following the results- based management approach instituted by the Management Board. The culture of performance exigencies based on equality and equity are generally incompatible and must therefore be greatly enhanced to ensure a significant amelioration in the living conditions of most vulnerable Cameroonians.

Proper Communication/ Social communication;
In terms of communication, the objective will be to include a strong communication component and to build the capacity of the media so that they can inform and become a communication instrument. Also our intention here will be to develop and assist the private media and to ensure an intensive as well as integral media coverage nationwide. Moreover, dialogue, debates and expression forums will be encouraged to promote exchange and debates of ideas to enable decision makers take action to ameliorate the living conditions of Cameroonians especially the most vulnerable and marginalized segment of the population. Special emphasis will also be place on social dialogue to ensure the inclusion of all development actors in the decision making and consultation forums. Furthermore, the capacity of the media will be built and enhanced on improving disaster communication, information, warning, catastrophe management mechanisms, enhance the protection potential of the population from the harmful effects of climate change particularly by promoting sustainable development and project management of natural resources, improving funding mechanisms, developing strategies of how to reduce various form of pollution i.e. soil, water ,air etc-improving drainage and solid waste management systems, ensuring the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems.
By 2020, the organization intends to effectively communicate all its programs and projects to ensure the general appraisal and appreciation of the entire population as a whole. The organization’s communication officer is charged with the task of effectively communicating the rationale of the organization. The communication officer of the organization must therefore make, maximum us of the print and audio-visual media landscape in Cameroon to market the organization’s mission/vision to potential funders as well as educate, sensitize and advocate of our programs and projects to the entire population. Communication, being an indispensable tool of work in this era must therefore be properly utilized to ensure the achievement of the organizations objectives by 2020 as anticipated in this strategic development document of the organization.
However, through effective communication, the organization intends to achieve most of it’s set goals through the dissemination of information, educative programs, publication of scheduled seminars and workshops etc. All these we strongly believe will go a long way to market the organizations endeavours of effective sensitization and implementation procedures which will therefore help the organization attain its set objectives by 2020.

Great and Significant Impact and Positive Influence In Society;
COHESODEC hopes by 2020 to create a great and significant impact as well as positive influence in society through its programs and projects. The organization equally hopes to transform Cameroonian communities through these programs and projects and to ensure improved living standard and the social wellbeing of all vulnerable/marginalized Cameroonians. By this, the organization hopes to make social inclusion of all vulnerable/marginalized groups of people in society its major priority thus creating significant impact and positive influence among the Cameroonian population. This impact can only be made more visible in society through the outstanding strategies the organization hopes to use in achieving its objectives. COHESSODEC must not therefore just be said to be having influence in society but be seen and its impact felt in society.

Militant Spirit;
COHESDODEC’s staff, stakeholders and affiliates hoping to work with and in collaboration with the organization must have a militant spirit to advocate for and on behalf of the entire Cameroonian population. Militant spirit is highly required in the organization to enable the administration and staff properly advocate on behalf of the entire population in target communities across the country especially in the domains of human right violations and democracy enforcement advocacy and advancement. With a high militant spirit approach, COHESODEC hopes to significantly ameliorate the health and social living condition of all Cameroonians thereby allowing for the total achievement of all the organizations set objectives, ensuring it’s mission and vision of nation building is made possible and making Cameroon a better place to live in by all.

All persons working with or for COHESODEC must portray responsible attitudes at work or towards work. Responsibility must be complementary with human dignity and integrity with regards to project implementation and responsibility in all action by all functioning within the framework of project execution and program implementation. All working for or with the organization must therefore be responsible in all aspects as well as endeavour to respect the constitution as well as the internal rules and regulation enforced.

Moral Probity and the Culture of Dialogue;
All personnel, stakeholders and affiliates working for or with COHESODEC must likewise portray aspects of moral and financial probity as well as the culture of dialogue and the maintenance of pace and order within and without the organization. COHESIDEC staff, stakeholders and affiliates working with and for the organization shall therefore use the moral values of dialogue and peace resolution to resolve conflicts in the organization and communities wherever the need arises.
Moral probity and dialogue are essential qualities that should and must be applied by all linked to or related to the organization in one way or the other. The qualities of moral probity, inculcating the culture of dialogue and peace negotiation as well as the constitution and internal rules and regulations of the organization are vital and must be respected by all working with and for the organization.

Humility, Love, and Respect;
Humility, love and respect are key components adopted by the Management Board of the organization and meant to be respected by all working with or for the organization to respect and uphold with regards to implementing projects in the field as well as work in the offices of the organization. All staff and volunteers working with or for the organization are expected to express a loyal and humble spirit towards all communities where they are assigned or called upon to serve as well as to their colleagues. Similarly all working with COHESODEC in whatever capacity must express humility, love and respect to all communities and persons they come across with regards to rendering humanitarian services to mankind in whatever part of the country they are called upon to serve. These qualities are indispensable for effective and successful work in the organization as well as community development.

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