Vision Statement

A society where everyone, especially the most marginalized, are empowered economically, culturally, and socially with equal opportunity to enhance their capacities to exploit their potentials to the fullest extent.

Our vision is to put in place a health and social structure to educate, sensitize support, assist , monitor, ameliorate, encourage, prevent malnutrition, transmissible and non transmissible diseases, promote proper nutrition and fight against all tropical diseases that affect children, women and adolescence. Our vision includes fighting to avert and prevent pandemics, epidemics from ravaging our population as well as advocate for the rights of orphans, vulnerable children, the under-privileged in our society. However, our main focus is on all health and social issues for example the fight against Malaria, HIV/AIDS, cholera, T.B, diabetes, mental health, fight against the sale of illicit drugs, provide social care to the ageing population, advocate for the social  rights of street children, women and all the underprivileged in our Cameroonian society, fight against neglected tropical  diseases, advocate for and prevent catastrophes’ through education, sensitization and also managing the outcome for a better Cameroon of the future. e.t.c in fact we are working in all domains that have to do with health and social development. COHESODEC’s vision is to live in a country where all its citizens live in absolute health, comfortable living standards where human dignity and human rights are respected and strongly upheld.

Mission Statement

To improve the health, social wellbeing and livelihood of communities through sustainable interventions and stands for Just world for Sustainable Development and COHESODEC is committed to improving the well being of its beneficiaries in Cameroon by building on their potentials through innovative strategies. The organization is also committed to improving the well-being of its beneficiaries in Cameroon by building on their potentials through innovative strategies through impacting the health, socioeconomic and environmental conditions of communities as well as providing quality services to other stakeholders.
Our mission is to improve on the health and social living standards of Cameroonians and to eradicate all terminal diseases, pandemics and epidemics that continue to pose a danger to our population. We also seek to strengthen and ensure effective mobilization, sensitization, communication and training on health and social programs, support and advocate for the rights of orphans and vulnerable children.
We seek to promote the wellbeing of a significant proportion of Cameroonians in several health and social domains as can be seen in our objectives. COHESODEC also mobilizes communities and strengthens their capacities to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of epidemics and pandemics in Cameroon. We intervene in crisis settings to improve on the social well being of victims of catastrophes, encourage survivals, promote and improve nutrition intake to all segments of Cameroonians. Equally we offer training, counselling and research in several domains as can be seen in our objectives. COHESODEC is a development organization in Cameroon having competence in diverse domains to render services to communities and related partners through a process of reflection, dialogue and action involving the active participation of all stakeholders to ameliorate the living conditions of Cameroonians. We also provide a form for sharing knowledge on contemporary development issues and developing local strategies for action. We empower/enhance capacities of target communities, groups and individuals for proper functioning, ensuring wellbeing and a significant improvement in the quality of life of all Cameroonians irrespective of their social or ethnic origins. We equally enhance institutional collaboration and networking with partners having similar objectives.
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