COHESODEC hopes to collaborate with the United Nations Environment Program and other interested partners to link with and implement programs and projects with available resources with these organizations, e.g. international and bilateral development agencies; academic and research institutions; and the Cameroon government to achieve our objectives. Health and environment in sustainable development programs shall be instituted to curb national ill health attributable to environmental factors

COHESODEC; Promotion of Sustainable Urban Development in Cameroon

Considering the fact that we intend to integrate health into urban planning, investments, and policy decisions, so as to accompany/ support the implementation and achievement of urban development goals and objectives of the organization in collaboration with other interested and reliable partners. This can only be achieved through the following strategies;

COHESODEC and the National Health laws and universal health coverage in Cameroon

For the national health planning process, regulation which represents a key means by which a government gives effect to its health policy preferences especially through the exercise of its law making powers. This new resource provides up-to-date and practical guidance about the role and impact of law and regulation on national health planning and strategizing for health.

Laws are key enablers of universal health coverage (UHC). They are commonly used to assure social and economic objectives closely aligned with UHC (equity, quality, safety), to set the formal rules for the functioning of the health system and provide the means to implement UHC-related policies at a population level.

COHESODEC’s work on national laws and universal health coverage

COHESODEC’s work program on laws and universal health coverage supports communities to ensure that their existing or proposed legal, administrative and institutional settings enable and do not hinder the path towards UHC. Health laws application in local communities in relation with the universal health coverage aims to support the development of better health laws, effective health laws and legal frameworks which provide the foundation for strong and resilient health systems.

It should be noted that Health laws and legal frameworks can help:

  • Communities to attain important health goals (including universal health coverage);
  • Support the effective operation of key health system functions and inputs (service provision, health workforce, medical products and technologies, financing, health information and governance);
  • Manage and respond to risks to personal health and a community’s health security;
  • Implement health policy;
  • Apply international health agreements and development goals at country and community level; and
  • Improve the governance of health service delivery, tackling challenges to service access and quality, by giving effect to the rule of law principles of: legality, accessibility, pluralism, transparency and accountability.

Health Promotion

COHESODEC leaders, Cameroon public health authorities, United Nations organizations, city chiefs and health experts stressing the links between health and wellbeing and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals – and to advance health through improved management of urban environments is very much commendable as it will ensure health for all by 2030.

Health for all and all for health

Promoting health is central to delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals. In abide to chart a new course for the next 15 years, aimed at inspiring local and national governments, Non Governmental Organizations, municipal leaders and other stakeholders to grasp the great potential of promoting health across all sectors of society. Health Promotion  through alliances with WHO in abide to prepare for the a considerable “Framework for Country Action Across Sectors for Health and Health Equity”, which could be used in different contexts, taking into account the Helsinki Statement on Health in All Policies is vital for progress.

Dental Healthcare

At the end of World Congress 2015, the Tokyo Declaration on Dental care and oral health for healthy longevity was adopted to call upon health policy-makers and professionals to significantly reduce the global disease burden, promote greater equity, and integrate oral health promotion into the NCD prevention and control and development agenda.

A health promoting school is a school that constantly seeks to strengthen its capacity to promote healthy living, learning and working conditions through an effective approach to action.

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