Promoting Refugee Protection

Our activities to promote refugee protection include:

  • Promoting the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its Protocol relating to the Status of homeless Persons and to assisting the state of Cameroon and other stakeholders enact or revise national refugee legislation, including administrative instructions and operational guidelines, and to implement national refugee status determination procedures.
  • Strengthening relevant administrative and judicial institutions in Cameroon, training staff of our organization and liaising with relevant human rights bodies.

COHESODEC Cameroon is also involved in: 

  • Research and proposition of new laws and regulations affecting people concern
  • Advocate for human and refugee rights as well as legal aid with an interest in refugee protection.

COHESODEC has been working with other NGO’s and stakeholders to mobilize response to refugees and internally displaced persons in Anglophone Cameroon. As our work and size grows to cope with emerging problems/ challenges on daily basis, so are we extending our request to partners for financial support in all areas of our intervention .

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