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At COHESODEC Cameroon, we seek to promote, protect and uphold the health, social wellbeing and basic human rights of all vulnerable people and communities living in Cameroon. We assist as well as help communities find solutions to their problems/challenges. Among a host of other programs, we initiate and implement projects to help protect the environment, provide medical supplies, build schools and raise awareness of such problems as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis e.t.c.

In many regions in Cameroon, our staff works alongside other partners in a variety of locations ranging from towns and cities to remote communities and border areas. They promote Capacity Building, Advocacy, Education, Training and Communication for behavior change. Our staff also works in Facilitation, Monitoring, Lobbying, Sensitization Campaigns, Research and Publication, Network with stakeholders, effective project implementation and Material/Financial support to target populations/vulnerable communities as well as provides legal and physical protection, and minimizes the threat of violence – including sexual assault – which many rural communities and refugees are subject to. They also seek to provide at least a minimum of shelter, food, water and medical care in the immediate aftermath of any refugee exodus. COHESODEC Cameroon has common standards of equality, transparency, complementarity and a results-oriented approach in the implementation of all its programs and projects.

COHESODEC Cameroon is a non-profit making organization designed to help people from all parts of Cameroon. Some of our areas of interest in promoting Health and Social Development include the following;

  • Promote social entrepreneurship in rural and urban communities
  • Philanthropy intervention to all the hopeless
  • Disaster response in times of need
  • Poverty alleviation in target communities
  • Advocacy in favour of the oppressed and downtrodden
  • Job creation to all the jobless and underprivileged
  • Promote Best Practices in all health and social facets of society
  • Promote Sustainable Development in all vulnerable communities
  • Lobby with national, international and multinational corporations to play their role of Corporate Social Responsibility to enable us facilitate the process of ameliorating the deplorable living conditions of the poor, less privileged and vulnerable communities across Cameroon.
  • Promote Gifts-in-kind, Services-in-kind, Humanitarian Aid and Corporate Volunteering in relegated and enclave, improvised and needy communities across Cameroon.

COHESODEC seeks and maintains strategic partnerships with local, national and international stakeholders such as other N.G.O’s, United Nations agencies, Private/Public international Corporations and International Donors/Funders, we entrust about 85% of our annual expenditure to our partners to enable us undertake programs or projects to provide solutions to the numerous problems and challenges Local Communities in Cameroon encounter. We place great importance on continuously improving collaborations with all our partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

 If you are interested in exploring a partnership with COHESODEC, please contact us at to help infected, affected, suffering/vulnerable communities in Cameroon.

With the help of God, “Together with Support Development Partners, We can Overcome Life’s Problems and Challenges Affecting Humanity” in thousands of Communities across Cameroon-Africa.

Partner with us and Support our Health, Social and Humanitarian Efforts, Assist Vulnerable Communities in Cameroon.

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